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HUNG JESSE TAI NGO (1), is a winner of the national Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship
Foundation’s $5,000 Boeing STEM scholarship. Earning “straight A’s” during grades 9-12
at San Gabriel High School and taking Multivariable Calculus at community college after
exhausting all available high school math courses, he graduated with a 4.64 weighted gpa in
2022. He was named an AP Scholar With Distinction having passed 9 Advanced Placement
exams with high scores on each, was also named to the National Honor Society, and scored 800
(a perfect score) on the SAT Math portion (nationally only 2% of the 2.2 million High School
students in the U.S. achieve this math score). Hung Jesse plans to attend Georgia Institute of
Technology or USC Viterbi and said, “My love of math and science has led me to my chosen
major—biomedical engineering,” “to develop new technologies and techniques that will help
save lives,” through the medical devices industry or as a biomedical researcher.
Hung Jesse credits his achievements to “love for learning,” “intellectual curiosity” and a
“competitive spirit” whereby he has challenged himself to persevere despite circumstances that
could induce one to give up. He says the totality of his background created who he is today.
He acknowledges periods in his life of fluctuating self-sufficiency and dependency, vulnerability
and family crises which have strengthened him and been motivators for change. He said he has
“learned to set aside…pride” and became “resourceful,” being as independent as he is able to
be, while seeking help when needed. He attributed his development of resiliency to “the
unpredictability of life” and its struggles, and having to adapt to different environments. He
recognizes both “fragility” and “compassion” of family members that have fostered his desire to
help others. Hung Jesse served as Vice-President of his high school’s Link Crew leadership club,
helping freshmen students transition to high school, increasing student engagement, promoting
positive school culture, and reducing incidence of bullying behavior. He has also served as a
volunteer with the American Red Cross, helping with marathons, charity walks, blood drives,
and online awareness seminars during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The San Gabriel High School College Access Program (CAP) Director observed Hung Jesse’s
“seriousness of purpose, sense of responsibility, and dedication to his academics” and found it
“refreshing” that not only is he an exceptionally bright student “but also a leader who has
volunteered hundreds of hours in service to others.” Of Hung Jesse, the CAP Director stated,
“Like the Tuskegee Airmen, Jesse has resiliency and grit” and has “taken to heart Dr. Martin
Luther King’s question: ‘Life’s persistent and most urgent question is, what are you doing for
others?’ ”
REGARDING THE TUSKEGEE AIRMEN, Hung Jesse said the 99 th Pursuit Squadron “rippled a
change in history,” “risking their lives to protect this country and to bring equality in the world,”
“…their bravery and determination to create a better world despite the disrespect and injustice
they faced because of their race has taught me of selflessness.” He further stated that they
“rose above structural hostility towards them and continued to perform excellently throughout
their missions.” “This has given me a new perspective on work and to never allow people’s
beliefs and opinions about me to affect the way I perform. I have learned how to be more
selfless and to help the world even if I do not receive a reward in return or if I believe others
are not deserving of my help. They have inspired me to become someone who knows their
own self-worth and give back in any way I could.”

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