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To the LACTAI Board of Directors, Membership, Volunteers, Supporters! 


Happy Veterans Day!


Reflecting on that it is always the right time to do what's right, please allow me to take a moment and express appreciation and gratitude to the women and men who make up over 18.5 million Veterans in the United States. 


Today is Veterans Day, so let us set aside to honor those who have worn the uniforms of the Military: Army, Navy, United States Air Force/Space Force, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, and the US Marine Corps while serving our country at home and worldwide.


Our Chapter has been blessed to speak with and for our military on different occasions throughout its history since 1974 and continues to this day.


From our Treasured Documented Tuskegee Airmen ( DOTA), Military Service and Veteran Chapter Members, to the Military Spouses and Families who also served and are still serving by actively making a difference in the National TAI and the local community! SALUTE! 


As our Nation is going through such challenging times, please allow me to share just a few ideas of value as a reminder because our American Values MATTER!


I know we have heard these over and over, but they MATTER! 


  1. Duty:  “fulfilling your obligations” it’s a picture of each member of a team doing his or her part to ensure the success of everyone. We ARE a TEAM!

  2. Respect: The Army defines it as: “appreciate the best in other people.” Never stop believing because there IS GOOD in the World. Respect TIME! You can’t get that back! Share it wisely! 

  3. Honor: We live with honor when our walk matches our talk.

  4. Courage: The willingness to act in the face of fear. We build our courage when we stand up for what we believe is right for ALL! Not just some and finally, 

  5. Country: This land is your land, this land is my land! Protect her. Defend her. She is Beautiful. Amen.


The difference between purpose and calling is that purpose is the why and expressed through your calling; your HARD-WORKS. Your Passion! Now more than ever, we need each other. To rely on our works for a higher PURPOSE!


Therefore, today I also Honor all of YOU and Celebrate You, and Thank you for your continued service in making this world a better place for all of us to live in.


Thanking you with gratitude for all you’ve done, and continue to do as we, “ KEEP MOVING FORWARD!”


Again, enjoy and Happy Veterans Day. 


May God continue to bless you, our National and our Historical Chapter for generations to come.


With Sincere Gratitude, I remain,


Sheila L. Chamberlain, JD

President, LACTAI 

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